Facebook is a gross addiction to one in eight users

This, moreover, was revealed by a previous study of the company itself.

Facebook causes severe, compulsive addictive symptoms in one in eight users — at best, 360 million people,” writes the Wall Street Journal based on documents in their possession. The paper adds that the information was determined by one of Facebook’s internal investigation units, which disbanded in 2019.

Moreover, compulsive addiction should not be interpreted in isolation: most people who use social media in this way also have problems with sleep, work, and parenting — that is, they are addicted to the Internet. Research participants felt that all social sites drive this, but Facebook is the most effective in this area.

According to the study’s authors, some users cannot control how much time they spend on the site, affecting their entire lives. Still, they added that this is not addiction in the classical sense because it does not affect the brain like alcoholism.

Researchers say there are three reasons for the sleep problems associated with Facebook: addicts go to bed late due to regular checks on their feeds, have a hard time sleeping because of disturbing posts, often wake up, have a hard time sleeping back because there are people who regularly check to see if they have received new ones. Notification.

However, researchers say it’s unclear whether addicts sleep poorly because they use Facebook a lot or use it a lot because they have a hard time sleeping. However, they did not have the opportunity for further research because they disbanded their group.

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