NFT Digital Collections joins Facebook

Facebook has expanded to support NFTs

After introducing support for NFT on Instagram in May, this innovation is now being expanded to Facebook. Meta now supports this digital collection on its primary social network, the first for many artists.

Facebook began rolling out NFT support.

Meta stated that one of its upcoming steps would be to expand this experience to Facebook as well after the introduction of NFTs on Instagram. The same thing happened when the moment arrived. First-level deployment is only available to a few number of invited creators.

Navdeep Singh, the product manager for Meta, posted screenshots of Facebook’s support for digital collectibles on his Twitter account.

According to Singh’s screenshots, posting NFTs to a profile’s timeline is possible. Information about the digital collectable will be displayed when you click on it, like its creator and collection.

Users of Facebook will eventually be able to link their digital currency wallets to their profiles. No further information was provided at this time. However, it is assumed that it will be possible to use Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, and Solana, as with Instagram. The NFTs can also be converted into Facebook posts through this instance, allowing users to respond to, comment on, and share them.

These distinctive blockchain coins that signify digital asset ownership are already being implemented as a new crucial feature in Meta social networks. They were the focus of a strong surge at its creation and criticism divided between fans and detractors today.

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