Google to release the final beta of Android 12

Android 12

Google has released the fifth and final public beta version of Android 12, now available to owners of supported Pixel models. The subsequent build will be the finished Android 12.

This one will be the first beta version of Android 12 available and installed on the recently released Google Pixel 5a mobiles. The device has not yet participated in the beta program for the simple reason that it has only just been released. If you were the happy owner of such a smartphone, all you have to do is log in to Android Beta. The update will then arrive on your device in form.

Google Pixel 5a

If you’ve been in the beta program before, version 5 is already available to you. Check the System Update menu in Settings, and you may want to click more than once because the update option may not pop up the first time. By the way, unlike stable releases, this version does not become available gradually. It can already be uploaded by anyone worldwide, provided that you have signed up for the beta program.

Beta 5 has a build number of SPB5.210812.002, and the size of the update also depends on the device you want to install it on. The fourth beta, published last month, has already provided what Google calls “platform stability,” meaning the apps are now final. The just-released Beta 5 contains the latest fixes and optimizations. Likely, many of the errors that characterized the previous version have now been rectified, but there are reportedly still a fair number of them.

The current version will be followed by the official release of Android 12, which Google claims will be running in a few weeks.


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