LG previews its new sound bars for CES 2022

Advancing its plans for the technology fair LG has announced that it will present a new line of audio products, focused on its soundbars, with various models that will offer extraordinary performance, unique and elegant designs, and new and exciting sound experiences that guarantee absolute sound to enjoy movies, music or video games at home.

Headed by the LG S95QR premium soundbar, with 810W power and 9.1.5 channel surround sound, this bar is considered a high-end solution to create a superior immersive experience.

Featuring five upstream sound channels (three on the soundbar and two on the rear speakers), including the world’s first upstream center speaker, they can enhance the sound clarity and broaden the soundstage to create absolute realism.

This is ideal for moviegoers looking to perfect their home theater experience. And it is that the company ensures that the upstream channels provide more realistic and enveloping sounds thanks to the central upward speaker, which allows a more precise transmission of dialogue.

Although in its announcement, LG presents this model as an option for gamers due to its variable refresh rate (VRR) and automatic low latency mode (ALLM) functions that can adjust its output and ensure that it is synchronized with the consoles. Of games and PC.

The LG S95QR soundbar supports Dolby Atmos and the DTS: X codec. The wireless rear speakers it comes with also have six channels instead of four like previous models, with four front/side drivers and two power drivers. In addition, with IMAX Enhanced technology, users can enjoy impressive three-dimensional sound with compatible content.

But not only that, and this soundbar has LG’s AI Room Calibration technology, which allows automatic sound adjustment through artificial intelligence to analyze the space in which it is located, and automatically adapt the sound. Optimal audio output.

So, for the moment, we have no choice but to wait for the celebration of CES 2022 to learn more about this and the rest of the soundbars that LG plans to present, as well as perhaps new details about their price and date of availability.

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