The new Realme watch came with a sizable display and two weeks of uptime

Realme’s name is getting more and more people running into each other– and even, thanks to watch s pro, they can run with it, which we did on the test week.

After the round series, the Watch 2 and the now-launched Watch 2 Pro, announced in April, prefer the rectangular shape with rounded corners.

The key can still be the great pricing: in the Malaysian market, you only have to pay equivalent to $50, and once you get to us, the domestic price tag is not expected to be much scarier.

This involves some trade-offs compared to a peak clock, such as IP68 dust and water protection instead of 5 ATMs, and since the product page is hugely silent on the type of 1.75″ panel, it is probably not AMOLED.

However, the 320 x 385 color pixels are sufficiently detailed and have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a three-axis accelerometer, an optical heart rate sensor, and GPS.

The strap is 255.2 x 38.9 x 12.65 millimeters and 40 grams of livestock with a 390 mAh battery and promises 14 days of operation per charge with continuous heart rate measurement. There are more than 90 modes to choose from for sports, and the number of watch faces exceeds 100.

Today’s increasingly important blood oxygen saturation is also available, as is vo2max measurement, as far as style is concerned: the Watch 2 Pro, which can be handled with a touchscreen and a button, is available in black and light grey, for the time being in Asia.

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