The Samsung 2022 tablet and wearable device production schedule has been leaked

It is no exaggeration to say that the expectations of Samsung are huge for both the professional and the fans, as far as 2022 is concerned, and this time we are not just thinking about smartphones.

The manufacturer is also making tablets, earphones, smartwatches, and laptops for next year, and now, thanks to The Elec, Samsung’s plans for 2022 have come to light. Thanks to these, we can gain insight into how Samsung envisions the future of these products.

The published document reveals production plans and debut dates, not daily but every quarter. Since most of us are not fluent in Korean, FronTron was a great help. A leaker translated and then tabulated all the information that was omitted.

It turns out, for example, that the Galaxy Tab S8 series will consist of a total of four devices, with the Galaxy Tab S8 +, a Lite variant in addition to the base model, and the flagship Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra expected to arrive in the second half of 2022, while the Lite release sometime you can follow the others in the fourth quarter.

It is planned that 1.6 million copies of the Lite model and 1.2 million of the basic edition will be produced, while 900 and 400,000 copies will be expected for the two premium variants.

Samsung is also thinking of users with thinner wallets and more modest needs, as they are planning two entry-level tablets: the Galaxy Tab A8 and Galaxy Tab A7 will be available in the first and fourth quarters, with a much larger number of premium tablets, each with 11 million will drop off the company’s production lines this time.

As for other devices, the Galaxy Watch is expected to produce roughly 4.8 million units in 5 hours in the fourth quarter, with the arrival of the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 and Buds Live 2 ears expected sometime in the second quarter. It is planned to produce 3.3 million of the latter and 3.1 million of the former. 

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