MediaTek Dimensity 2000 launches against Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200

It looks like MediaTek will finally delight us with an actual flagship chipset in dimensity 2000. The chipset will challenge Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200, and it could even be above them in terms of energy efficiency due to the manufacturing process used.

Last week, MediaTek was first heard to be fighting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 chipset with dimensity 2000 chipset, and one of the most significant advantages of the former could be the lower cost. It seems that Dimensity 2000 can surpass Qualcomm’s development in another critical way: energy efficiency. According to a recent report, the chipset will be made through TSMC’s 4-nanometer production process.

MediaTek’s decision could be an excellent step because TSMC has been a significant advantage over Samsung’s manufacturing processes for some time. For example, the Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 both have a 5-nanometer stripe width (both manufactured by Samsung), and none are renowned for their excellent efficiency. TSMC has been better lately, and this advantage is expected to be maintained in applying the 4-nanometer production process.

In practice, this would mean that the MediaTek Dimensity 2000, based on the ARM V9 architecture, would offer much better efficiency than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 or Exynos 2200, which are expected to be produced using Samsung’s 4-nanometer production process. You might be able to bring up against MediaTek’s chip that dimensity 2000 will perform slightly worse in terms of graphics acceleration than its challengers. Still, the lower price can compensate for this.


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