Galaxy Z Fold 3 spontaneously catches fire

A video of a burnt-out, smoky Galaxy Z Fold 3 has been posted on Twitter, which is a pretty scary sight, but the owner later clarified what could have caused the problem.

The first post revealed that the owner had just wanted to mail his phone when the device caught fire and was then forced to throw it on the garage floor. Here is the video:

It was also revealed not long afterward that it was probably not a spontaneous inflammation, as about a week before the incident, the postman dropped the phone while riding, causing an injury. At a Samsung service center, he was told to send it back for replacement, but before he did, the device caught fire. A more serious problem could have happened if the mobile had caught fire during transport.

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After the Galaxy Note 7 scandal, Samsung has taken some pretty serious measures, so the chances of a phone just turning on are minimal. And the great lesson of the current news is that the risk of physical injury increases significantly, so you need to pay special attention to it, because a broken device can cause more trouble if you leave it in your home or in a vehicle, for example.

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