Leaked images show Samsung’s new folding mobiles

While there’s a good chance we’re still months away from Samsung unveiling this year’s folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2, a severe leak is already revealing what the devices might look like and what’s new.

In recent months, we’ve heard some rumors about what Samsung’s soon-to-be-coming top mobile, the foldable Galaxy Z Fold3, and its smaller sibling, the Galaxy Z Flip 2, will look like.

If we can believe the information that has been leaked so far, the devices will be introduced by the South Korean company in the summer, in July in particular.

The Sparrows News stabbed out to the Chinese community website, a Weibo to multiple images are uploaded from the mobiles. The photos appear to have been taken from a commercial being made.

According to the material that has just been leaked, the Galaxy Z Fold3 will support the use of the S Pen, and the external cameras of the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will be located below / above another.

The ad also reveals that the Fold3 will be the first Samsung top mobile to have a front camera under the screen – which is not a camera-hole solution, but the display can occupy the entire front panel. The unit will be placed on the side of the device.

A triple camera will be waiting for users on the back. More importantly, both phones close completely, meaning there will be no gap in the display.

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