Samsung now sells QD-OLED televisions

Samsung's first OLED television, the S95B, is anticipated to be at the high end of the company's price range.

Samsung recently introduced its new TV lineup for 2022, with the biggest surprise being the company’s decision to join the OLED bandwagon. Samsung’s new S95B OLED television is the company’s first.

We’re talking about so-called QD OLED panels, which Sony launched ahead of Samsung earlier this year, even though Samsung manufactures the panels.

55 and 65 inches

QD OLED is a mix of OLED and quantum dots, which were previously used in LCD TVs and in which Samsung had a significant lead. This device uses a blue OLED backlight beneath a layer of quantum dots, which could offer a far brighter image than ordinary OLED.

Black level and color intensity have been important qualities of OLED technology, with brightness frequently lower than LCD panels – partially because each pixel in an OLED TV lights up “on its own.” On the other hand, LCD TVs have a separate taillight behind the pixels.

Last month, when our TV tester Ole Henrik Johansen saw Sony’s QD-OLED in Norway, he noticed that the hues of yellow and orange, in particular, had a more comprehensive range than the conventional OLED TV next to it. Because the panels are nearly equal, it will be fascinating to see how the picture processing differences between the various brands change after the TVs arrive for testing.


Apart from that, the S95B includes “all” of Samsung’s current flagship technology, such as the Neural Quantum Processor 4K, Object Tracking Sound, and Q-Symphony, which lets the TV play with a compatible soundboard and give superior spatial sound owing to speakers on the top and sides.

Samsung claims that the S95B will be available in the Nordics in the second quarter and will come in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes with 4K resolution. We don’t yet know how much it will cost, but it will almost certainly be in Samsung’s top tier of products.

Samsung is also introducing three new 8K series: the QN900, QN800, and QN700, which are available in 55 to 85 inches. MiniLEDs, which are 1/40 the size of ordinary LEDs and should produce more accurate light and stronger contrast, are used for backlighting.

Samsung is also enticing with its new 14-bit light control and better anti-glare coating. A wireless connection to Samsung’s soundboards is also available on the top model Q900B, providing a cable-free experience. This wireless solution is suitable for all Samsung QLED models with 8K and The Frame.


As we mentioned in January, the stylish Frame will also be new this year. The most visible change is a unique matte coating that minimizes glare and reflections while making the TV look more like art.

An independent NFT art shop opened this year, allowing you to buy and display your crypto artwork live on television. There are 1600 “regular” works of art available in Samsung’s Art Store, which you can subscribe to access.

This year, the Sero and The Serif will also be offered in a matte finish. The Frame comes in 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, and 85-inch sizes.

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