The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could have an S Pen built-in

Whether Samsung has permanently destroyed the renowned Galaxy Note series has been debated for a long time. Unfortunately, yes, according to a current source, but in exchange, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will attempt to replace the Note smartphones entirely.

We didn’t get a new Galaxy Note phone this year, and the series’ future is uncertain, with Samsung likely to bid goodbye to it for good. On the other hand, the S Pen is still alive and well, and the S21 Ultra is the first Galaxy S device to include stylus functionality. Still, there was no room for the accessory inside the case, and it was best carried with a specific issue and a “pen holder.”

Ice Universe, a well-known leaker, claims that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will merge Samsung with the S Pent and already have a home, so the phone’s shape will most likely be the only thing that distinguishes it from Notes (rounded vs. square ).

However, there will be some convergence in the latter, with the manufacturer reportedly shooting the form between the two series, i.e., the rounding radius will be reduced.

The good news is that the integration of the S Pen does not go to the detriment of the battery. The capacity of 5000 mAh remains, but the aspect ratio of the phone changes from 20: 9 to 19.3: 9, which was not the case with the Note 20 Ultra.

Therefore, it looks like the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be almost entirely like a new Note phone, probably thus combining the two series from Samsung.

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