Dozens of new brands reveal special Samsung devices

Samsung has protected several eloquent brands. Guesses have also begun about what means the South Korean manufacturer can come up with.

According to the Dutch site LetsGoDigital, Samsung has recently filed nearly a dozen new trademarks in South Korea to the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Flex Note, Flex Clamshell, Flex Square, Flex Bar, Flex N, Flex C, R Flex, Rollable Names Flex, Flex Rollable, Slidable Flex, and Flex Slidable.

Each has the same description: smartphone display, computer monitor; tablet monitor; large LCD screen; OLED display panel. These names suggest that Samsung Display is working on various new types of flexible displays.

The name Flex Note stands out the most. Maybe Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Note smartphone with a flexible display that uses the Flex Note display?

This can be good news for fans of Samsung Note devices, especially since there will be no new product in this series this year. While we already know that the soon-to-debut Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will support the S Pent, it’s expected to be just an additional option for the device’s digital pen.

Also interesting is the name Flex Square, presumably covering a square, flexible display. And the Flex Clamshell can be an adjustable screen for a clamshell phone. This may be an updated version with a camera under the panel.

There’s even the Flex Bar here: it’s not inconceivable that this type of display would be used for an extendable smartphone. Samsung Electronics has already applied for several patents for such a sliding smartphone.

The names Flex Rollable and Flex Slidable are also quite telling. Samsung Electronics has previously registered two words related to this: Samsung Z Roll and Samsung Z Slide. The Galaxy Z Roll would probably have a Flex Rollable display, and the Z Slide would be fitted with a Flex Slidable screen. In any case, it seems more and more that Rollable and Slidable will be two different devices.

The names Flex C and Flex N are currently unknown, but it is not inconceivable that they are abbreviations for Flex Clamshell and Flex Note. Just like R Flex, which presumably refers to a Rollable Flex / Flex Rollable display. They may also be associated with Flex S and Flex B, which Samsung Display recently protected.

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