Samsung gets new Z Flip and Z Fold battery protection

Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 received legacy battery protection, which was previously only typical of Samsung tablets, and which, when activated, maximizes battery life. SamMobile reported. The “protect battery” feature limits the charging status of devices to 85 percent, thereby preventing full charging to 100 percent, which is expected to wear out over the years.

In the Settings app, device care> Battery> Feature available under additional battery settings is an obvious compromise that limits the maximum lifespan of each phone per charge. In our reviews, we found that Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 have a battery life of about one day by default, which means that you may have to commit to charging south if you charge up to only 85 percent.

The “Protect Battery” feature in the Samsung Settings app. Screenshot of Samsung

This is worth paying the price if you want to use expensive flagship phones for as many years as possible, especially given the difficulties of repairing any device.

SamMobile notes that this is not the first time Samsung has incorporated Battery Protection into its devices. But this is the first time it’s appeared on the company’s phones. The feature is available on the two folding devices with a UI 3.1.1 but reportedly did not appear on other smartphones with the same update.

Other smartphone manufacturers already offer similar battery protection features. However, while Samsung never allows the device’s battery to charge above 85 percent, the corresponding features of Apple and OnePlus only temporarily limit the charge level to 80 percent before they are aimed at charging the batteries 100 percent just before the charging time. Is turned off.

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