It has been confirmed that there will be a notch on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra display

There have been rumors in the past that Samsung’s next high-end tablet will get a notch display, and now one of the known leaks has confirmed the news. It also revealed what the sensor island would hide.

Ice Universe wrote on Twitter that it is specific on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra notches display. However, the notch will not be too big. It will hide two cameras, an ultra-wide-angle solution in addition to the standard unit, and both can record 4K @ 60fps video.

This is a rather strange solution for a tablet, and the question immediately arises as to why Samsung is not mounting the cameras on the frame. This is probably because the coffee will be skinny, which may be necessary to keep the machine’s physical dimensions equipped with a 14.6-inch display as small as possible. Of course, the thin frame also has its drawbacks, and it will be harder to hold the tablet without touching the screen. We hope that this will not spoil the user experience.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series could debut with three members sometime later this year, and by far, the Ultra will be the roughest. The device will reportedly get a Snapdragon 898 (or Snapdragon 8 gen1) processor, a 3K OLED display, and a 12,000 mAh battery, and its housing will be just 5.4mm thin.

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