New update coming to Google search, Take it seriously!

Google is testing a solution that reminds users that the search results list can include more than just trusted pages.

A new feature could soon arrive in Google’s search engine to help users see less fake content in the future. According to Recode, the company is already testing a solution that alerts users if the search results result in suspicious or untrusted outcomes.

The example below searched for news that a police helicopter had captured an unidentified flying object flying at 106 mph.

© Google

When Google introduces the novelty remains to be seen. For now, the company is in the testing phase, but if the development works well, it will undoubtedly be widely available. At least in English, I’m sure.

Innovation can be helpful, but it’s only half the solution. If Google knows that your results don’t just contain credible information, the best solution would be to remove it from the search results list.

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