Replace the built-in smart features of Windows, Samsung recommends

Windows 11 has been available for days, but will be introduced on new machines for the first time, and only later will it be possible to upgrade directly.

Samsung is also releasing a new Windows 11 device. However, it thinks its digital assistant is more appropriate for such a system than Microsoft’s.

Microsoft has its digital assistant, Cortana, which will also be at home on Windows 11 machines. However, suppose someone buys a Samsung-branded machine running Windows 11 in the future. In that case, they can even use Samsung’s assistant, Bixby, instead of Cortana – in any case, the South Korean manufacturer recommends this.

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“For greater device mobility, Samsung has introduced the Bixby system on Windows for Galaxy Book users so they can communicate intuitively with their PC. With simple voice commands, they can search for files, open applications and settings, and even control devices in the ecosystem of their SmartThings-registered devices. To activate the Bixby on Windows function, say, “Hi Bixby” or press Ctrl + Shift + B or Fn + B,” Samsung said in a statement.

The company also notes that the Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G will be the first Samsung laptop to run Windows 11. And for those who have an older Galaxy Book model compatible with Windows 11, Samsung promises to upgrade to Windows 11 as soon as possible.

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