Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Cameras become unusable after unlocking with Bootloader

You will lose Camera Functionality if you do this

Samsung doesn’t support rooting your devices, to say the word, and there have been some penalties if someone unlocks the bootloader, but with Galaxy Z Fold 3, you’ll have to give up the cameras.

For Samsung phones, bootloader opening and rooting have so far resulted in “only” loss of warranty and the loss of Knox security features, and Samsung Pay was not usable after operations. However, XDA’s developers have recently noticed that galaxy Z Fold 3 is becoming completely unusable.

In addition to normal photography and video, all additional camera functions will no longer work for factory apps and external applications.

This sanction is already likely to discourage users from messing with the software, although the good news is that the camera will work again after the bootloader closes.

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