World’s leading manufacturers in the largest smartphone market in 2021

Analysis firm Counterpoint Research recently took a look at China, the world’s largest smartphone market, and found that there had been a significant realignment. Vivo took the lead.

One’s downfall is the triumph of the other — a saying that fits entirely here. Huawei’s market cut due to U.S. sanctions was good for competitors who could seize what the Chinese company had lost. Huawei held 30 percent of the Chinese market this time last year, while in the second quarter of this year, it owned only 8 percent.

The lost percentages went to manufacturers such as Vivo, which gained the lead in the Chinese smartphone market in the first and second quarters of this year, with a share of 24 percent. Between April and June, the company sold roughly 18.3 million mobiles in China, while a year ago, 14.1 million local customers voted for them in confidence over the same period. Oppo came in second in the local market with 21 percent of the vote, while Xiaomi came in third, which gained 17 percent of the Chinese market.

There is a lot behind Vivo’s success. Still, analysts have found that the BBK group behind the company has an excellent component supply chain, which will benefit the brand in current lead-up shortages. Series such as “Y” or “S” can still be manufactured without interruptions, which are the company’s primary weapons against competitors. Within the Y series, smartphones with 5G modems are available for as much as $200, so it’s no wonder they get caught.

Vivo’s throne, of course, would be shared by other manufacturers. Xiaomi is constantly taking the lead, there is nothing new about this, but one of the great opponents may be Honor, which has been working since independence to take Huawei’s former place. Shortly, there will be fierce competition in the Chinese market between Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Apple, and Samsung, which has not presented the region for a minute, which would like to be a major player again, experts say.


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