Samsung has released special jeans for its foldable phone

Samsung’s Australian division teamed up with a Swedish clothing brand, Dr. Denim. Together, they released two particular jeans, a women’s and a men’s model, made specifically for the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

This is a rather strange product coupling, but in the end, phones and jeans are often mentioned together when we complain that the device barely fits in our pockets. This may have inspired Samsung, but interestingly, they didn’t make unique pants for the large Z Fold 3 to solve the problematic placement, but on the contrary: the compact Z Flip 3 got its jeans. Don’t worry. We don’t fully understand the logic either, but we do have an explanation from the manufacturer.

Samsung wanted to emphasize that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 can fit in a tiny pocket, so regular bags no longer require jeans. The pants made by Dr. Denim are unique in that they do not have a back pocket, and the front pockets are closed with a Z-shaped seam so that they cannot be used either.

There’s only one tiny pocket on the garments that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will fit in. It seems Samsung says we shouldn’t carry anything other than our phone.

All of this, of course, is primarily an advertising ploy. The jeans will be produced in limited numbers; 450 will be available and available for purchase with the phone at an unchanged price ($1499), meaning they will be given as a gift to those who strike such a package.

The promotion lives exclusively in Australia, and you can find the details at this link. 

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