Smartwatchs Haylou RS4 (LS12) and Haylou RT2 (LS10) – Review

From Youpinlab, we get a couple of smartwatches that want to gain a foothold in the entry-level market, the new Haylou RS4 (LS12) and Haylou RT2 (LS10). While the first choose a screen square AMOLED of 1.78 inches, the second opts for a TFT panel of 1.32 inches, but they share most benefits as discussed in the following table of technical specifications.

Haylou RS4 (LS12) and Haylou RT2 (LS10)

Screen Haylou RS4: 1.78-inch square AMOLED (368 x 448 pixels)
Haylou RT2: 1.32-inch circular TFT (360 x 360 pixels)
Dimensions Haylou RS4: 45.2 37.2 x 11.1 mm
Haylou RT2: 45.7 x 45×7 x 12.1 mm
Weight Haylou RS4: 48.6 grams
Haylou RT2: 55 grams
strap Haylou RS4: 20mm
Haylou RT2: 22mm
Connectivity Haylou RS4: Bluetooth 5.1
Haylou RT2: Bluetooth 5.0
Sensors Heart rate, Movement, SpO2
Battery Haylou RS4: 230 mAh (10 days)
Haylou RT2: 330 mAh (20 days)
Others 12 training modes
dials IP68 certified
Compatibility Android and iOS

Haylou RS4

We focus first on the Haylou RS4, a sporty-styled model featuring a 1.78-inch square AMOLED display with 368 x 448 pixels resolution. It offers dimensions of 45.2 x 37.2 x 11.1 mm and a weight of 48.6 grams, with the 20 mm wide rubber strap included.

This model has a single side button that turns on the screen, opens the application menu, and acts as a backspace, although the navigation is tactile.

On the back, we find the charging connector with two pins and the sensors for measuring heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2), adding one for movement for sports tracking. Therefore, it does not have GPS for this purpose, but with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity for connection to the smartphone.

Inside, it hides a 230 mAh battery that promises up to 10 days of autonomy, quite good compared to many models on the market that do not last longer than a couple of them.

Haylou RT2

Now it is the turn of the Haylou RT2, a more classic and elegant model that features this time with a screen TFT circle of 1.32 inches with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. It offers dimensions of 45.7 x 45×7 x 12.1 mm and a weight of 55 grams, with the 22 mm wide rubber strap included.

This time we find two side buttons, one with the same function as its brother and another to access sports activities.

On the reverse, we also find the charging connector and the same sensors, although the connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0, which is not that it influences too much.

What does influence it is the 330 mAh battery that it hides inside, which promises up to 20 days of autonomy, a sensational figure that eliminates the need to take it off for a long time.

Haylou Application

The application to control both models is HAYLOU Fan, which we can download from the Play Store or App Store of Android and iOS, respectively, as it is compatible with both systems.

We have the history of the typical functions of any modern smartwatch, with control of daily physical activity, continuous record, and history of sports activities. Here we must emphasize that both models track 12 different activities, including running, riding a bike, and missing swimming, since both have an IP68 certificate that protects them against water.

But perhaps the strong point compared to other models in the entry range is that we can customize the spheres, both with predefined models and others that we create with the background image that we like the most.

In the sphere that the Haylou RS4 brings by default, it shows a lot of well-organized information, although, as we have said, we can customize it to taste. By clicking on the single button, we can access the application menu, which offers activity control, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, sports activities, weather, music control from our smartphone or notifications. The latter work relatively well, reaching us everything from the application that we mark for this purpose, although we will not be able to answer them in any way.

For its part, the Haylou RT2 offers the same functionality, with a rotating application scheme and sports activities on the additional button.

The square screen of the Haylou RS4 is defined and with excellent brightness because being AMOLED is a real advantage. However, the TFT of the Haylou RT2 offers less intelligence, and outdoor something looks less, although it is evident. In both models, the gesture of raising the arm turns on the screen, turning off by default after 5 seconds.

The fluidity of the menus is surprisingly good, especially if we consider that we do not know its hardware or operating system. Still, there is no problem when everything is going as it should. The data captured by the sensors looks relatively accurate since we already know that they are not 100% reliable sensors, but they do not give abnormal values. Unfortunately, they do not have GPS, and saving sports workouts is not ideal without it.

The best thing about both models is their autonomy, as the Haylou RS4 exceeds ten days without registering activities. At the same time, the Haylou RT2 battery seems never to run out, exceeding two weeks of use without problems.

The Haylou RS4 and Haylou RT2 are two exciting smartwatches for the entry range because while the first offers a more modern and sporty design, the second is more classic and elegant. Two options keep most of the identical characteristics, highlighting the AMOLED screen of the RS4 and the infinite autonomy of the RT2.

Both offer the basic functionality of any modern smartwatch with cardiac sensor, SpO2 sensor, monitoring of sports activities (without GPS), sleep monitor or check the weather and check notifications from our smartwatch, but no answer. In addition, the fact that we can customize the spheres is an extra point in its favor since many inexpensive models do not allow it.

If we consider that we can find the Haylou RS4 and Haylou RT2 for sale on Aliexpress for about 45 euros, I will choose the RS4 for its better screen, although if yours are round spheres, the RT2 is not a bad one either.

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