The AirPods 3 earphones were dismantled to find out what Apple had built into them

The recently announced third-generation AirPods are very similar to the Airpods pro. However, a teardown revealed differences, mainly internal.

In October, it unveiled Apple’s TWS (truly wireless) headset, the third-generation AirPods, which many call only AirPods 3 for short. Many have said it is just like the AirPods Pro, which is why the YouTube channel 52audio, which specializes in headphones and earphones, was particularly curious about it. They also got the new earpiece apart.

They weren’t easy, as most of the parts are glued together (they’ll probably score well for that as well as the usual iFixit test if it does). A new set of magnets has been discovered for the AirPods 3 case to fit the topic to the Magsafe charger. This is not the case with other AirPods, the 9to5Mac notes after the teardown.

The case also contains a logic card, a 345 mAh battery, and a Lightning connector. There is also a graphite heat pad to prevent overheating. Going back to the battery: while the AirPods Pro has two small internal batteries, the current AirPods have only one power source.

The AirPods 3 also comes with a brand new skin sensor that is so advanced that other surfaces will not fool it. You can reliably determine when you’re in the ear and won’t start playing music, for example, when you put the ear on the table. The AirPods Pro’s optical sensor is less reliable.

The internal battery capacity of the tested AirPods was 0.133 Wh. Otherwise, this unit was placed between the speaker and the microphone.

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