Leaks of a new AirPods 3 which could arrive in a matter of days

According to a YouTuber, a new version of AirPods will be on store shelves soon. Active noise filtering will not be supported, but earbuds will be added.

Can present the third generation version without AirPods wireless headset Apple on 18 May – at least so says Luke Miani, YouTuber who has the Apple Track commented page names. He did not say where the information came from, but the video is sure of his business.

Miani also makes it likely that Apple Music will receive HiFi support simultaneously with the product launches. This would allow the songs to be available in better sound quality on the company’s music service, but under what conditions are unknown.

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The leaker believes the AirPods 3 won’t get the active noise cancellation that comes with the Pro, but various earbuds may come with it. So far, the company has also only included such things in the Pro edition, not in the traditional AirPods.

The BGR adds its own reputation, that is, the AirPods Próból, the newer version, which is a completely different look that will reportedly design and currently available. The product’s exact appearance is not yet known, but some believe it can be expected to arrive sometime in the middle of the year.

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