Bloomberg: Apple car is coming in 2025, it will be completely self-driving

Referring to sources familiar with Apple’s affairs, Bloomberg writes that the company is currently developing a chip for self-driving, and there’s not much left until the car is launched.

For years, rumors have been heard that Apple is also entering the automotive industry with a self-developed electric car. The Cupertino company’s plans began to talk more again earlier this year. A British company, Vanarama, also created a 3D model based on Apple’s patent plans to show how the company’s vehicle could be put together.

Bloomberg was now dealing with the subject, not in any way. The paper knows Apple will be able to launch its car in 2025, which will, of course, be electric and somehow able to drive itself.

According to the report, Apple has also examined two scenarios in this area in recent years. One said the car would have limited self-driving capabilities, which would be like the current Tesla. The other option is to navigate the vehicle without human intervention fully.

Bloomberg understands Apple is one of the pproject’sSenior Vice President Kevin Lynch has finally opted for the latter. The company wants a car with no steering wheel or pedals, with passengers sitting opposite and arranged on either side of the cabin, like in the back of a limousine.

Apple wants an iPad at the center of the car where certain vehicle features could be set up. In addition, all of AApple’sfeatures would, of course, be integrated into the vehicle. And even if there was no government in it, passengers could choose an option to take control in the event of an emergency.

Apple would, of course, use its processor in its car. A separate chip would be designed for this task.

The feasibility of the 2025 date is said to be questioned by Apple engineers, but Tim Cook will seldom be satisfied with a semi-finished, almost self-driving car.

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