The iPhone 13 Pro – This video shows how it was taken to pieces

You can now officially know how much battery was put into the iPhone 13 Trial and where the significant parts came from.

Apple recently unveiled its iPhones for this year. Although the company revealed several unknown details about the device at its debut, it didn’t talk about a few things. For example, how much battery is in the phone?

In connection with this, a document was recently uploaded on the Internet. The values ​​can be read, and now, in a video uploaded to YouTube, you can also see what is hidden inside the device.

The GSMArena spotted by Chinese-language recording maker, WekiHome picked the iPhone Pro has 13 pieces, which turned out to be on the phone with a 3095 mAh unit is working. This is slightly less than what MacRumors read from the document mentioned above (3125 mAh), but the difference is insignificant.

A 2815 mAh unit worked in the iPhone 12 Trial released last year, so it’s understandable why Apple says this year’s iPhone will last 1.5 hours longer on a single charge. The current unit is otherwise L-shaped and manufactured by Sunwoda Electronic in China.

Overall, the iPhone 13 Pro structure is not much different from the iPhone 12 Pro. Interestingly, the device’s 120 Hz display and RAM are made by Samsung, with Kioxia in Japan responsible for the storage. The Qualcomm X60 modem provides a 5G connection.

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