The plans for Samsung’s smartphones in 2022 have been leaked

Samsung aims to considerably accelerate the manufacture of foldable smartphones next year, according to The Elec, to prepare for increased sales. The media source supposedly obtained a document outlining production objectives and the South Korean company’s intentions for mobiles.


According to reports, Samsung expects to build 6.9 million Galaxy Z Flip 4 devices. 2.9 million people want to assemble the Galaxy Z Fold 4 simultaneously. To put the numbers in perspective, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 had a target volume of 4 million units, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 had a target volume of 3 million units when it launched in 2021.

Although foldable smartphones are becoming more popular, the Galaxy S models will continue to dominate the top category. The company intends to create 14 million Galaxy S22, 8 million Galaxy S22 Plus, and 11 million Galaxy S22 Ultra devices, according to documents obtained by The Elec. The latter will attempt to fill the void left by the Galaxy Note devices that feature the S Pen.

The preliminary plan for that year was to produce 10 million Galaxy S21, 8 million Galaxy S21 +, and 8 million Galaxy S21 Ultra models for the current series. The Galaxy S22 and Ultra models fared somewhat below expectations in terms of sales, but Samsung executives predict a significant increase in demand for the base Galaxy S22 and Ultra models.

Another intriguing detail is that, according to The Elec, the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 5. The Galaxy S22 FE, which is expected to be released in the second half of next year, is another inexpensive portico for fans of affordable flagships. This model’s production goal is 5.7 million units.

Next year, mobile phones with flexible screens will return to foldable gadgets, which will account for 20% of Samsung’s flagships. Of course, many of the products will remain entry-level and mid-range, with the Galaxy A series members representing the surprising waistline.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 is the largest-number gadget, with 28 million units planned. Still, the Galaxy A13 is expected to sell 27 million copies, and the Galaxy A33 will sell 23 million documents. These three models are expected to account for approximately a quarter of Samsung’s annual manufacturing of 334 million phones.

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