Version 22.3.1 of AMD Radeon Software would be modifying CPU settings without permission

According to WCCFTech, version 22.3.1 of the AMD graphics drivers –AMD Radeon Software— appears to be changing the system’s CPU settings without the user’s explicit permission, causing issues, particularly for those who have a specific configuration to have the equipment fully tuned to their liking.

The current ideas revolve around the Ryzen Master module included with the graphics controller, which has access to adjust the CPU parameters and does so without being requested in this version. AMD has not commented on the topic.

This happens when an AMD CPU and GPU are installed, but not if one of the components is from another manufacturer. It has to do with Precision Boost Overclocking being enabled by activating a graphics profile when this option is enabled in the system.

For the time being, there appears to be a workaround, and while it’s a time-consuming operation, creating a new profile for our graphics card after installing the driver should keep the system from performing like this. Another solution is to utilize Radeon Software Slimmer, a third-party application that removes the Ryzen Master SDK module and prevents CPU-related alterations.

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