Whatsapp will allow you to leave groups without warning

WhatsApp, the instant messaging service owned by Meta (Facebook), appears to be getting its act together. New features such as reactions to messages have appeared in recent months, and several others are being deployed and tested in the beta.

Lastly, Zuckerberg’s team is working on a feature that allows us to leave groups without drawing attention to ourselves, a kind of “silent” exit with no warning notice. This is already possible in the competition’s messaging services, such as Telegram, but these features appear to be gradually implemented in Whatsapp.

According to WABetaInfo, a portal specializing in new features coming in WhatsApp betas, this functionality is now under development and being tested in the WhatsApp internal desktop client betas.

According to the screenshots, when we leave a group, a message appears that only the administrators will be aware of the activity. At the same time, the rest of the users will not see any message and will only notice it if they look at the group’s list of users.

When a user leaves a WhatsApp group, a message telling the other members shows in the group, which means that many people stay in groups to avoid explaining themselves.

It is yet unknown when the final version will be released.

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