Windows 11: Windows Terminal will replace the classic CMD

According to WindowsCentral, Windows Terminal will replace CMD as the default command-line application in Windows 11 by 2022.

Microsoft officially introduced Windows Terminal in 2019, and it was a significant update over the current Windows Console Host command line, which is the one we use today.

The advantages of Windows Terminal over the ‘old’ command line application are many, significantly improving the command line experience and adding a DirectX accelerated rendering engine. You can also open different tabs, add transparency effects, split panels to use multiple command lines in a single window, and customize various ways, such as adding a background or changing fonts.

Currently, it is possible to download Windows Terminal for free from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is even possible that Windows Terminal is our default command-line application if we configure it like this in the operating system. However, Microsoft wants this directly to be the default application for this task, rather than waiting for users to download the app and configure it as the default command line.

To make the new transition smooth, Microsoft will test the changes from its Windows Insider program before rolling it out to the world over the next year. We will keep you informed.

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