World’s first Remote Tattoo done with a robotic arm on a 5G Network

To help speed, reliability and low latency on the new 5G network, t-mobile Netherlands has developed the “impossible tattoo”: the world’s first remote tattoo drawn by a tattoo artist using a 5G-powered robot arm.

The tattoo was made on the arm of actress Stijn Fransen by a robotic arm directed by a tattoo artist in another room. The process was recorded and presented in an impressive three -minute documentary-style film.

The robotic arm, which the tattoo artist directed from another room, made tattoos on the actress ’skin in real-time via 5G. The artist drew the drawing on a mannequin arm, while a robot copied every move to an actual arm with a needle. With the new advantages of the network, there is practically no delay, which means that an operation with millimetre accuracy can be performed regardless of the distance.

To implement the innovative project, t-mobile partnered with the robot arm manufacturing company to build the unique robot tattoo arm from scratch.

Dutch tattoo artist Thomas has been seriously involved in the research and development of remote tattoo technology, making sure that several factors are taken into account when repeating the delicate process of tattooing. After countless tests on various vegetables and prosthetic skin patterns, Stijn Fransen’s turn was to get the world’s first 5G tattoo. 


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