Xiaomi launches its own “Improve Yourself” program

Probably not out of benevolence, but Apple introduced a “Self Repair Program” on Nov. 17 that allows end-users to repair the devices they own using original parts, tools, and manuals provided by the company.

Xiaomi may want to follow the example of the apple maker now, as there are indications that the Chinese company may launch its own “Improve Yourself” program shortly.

Xiaomi has posted a post on Twitter letting fans know that the user experience is essential to them, and their primary goal is to make it even more user-friendly in the future. The attached image strongly suggests that Xiaomi would like to offer better fixability, among many other things, although this has not been expressly stated. Followers have been asked to follow them; presumably, more announcements will follow in the coming days or weeks.

Of course, our sources may have looked into this tweet as well, and there is no repair program in mind. Maybe we think more behind the post than you want to post, but such a move would fit into Xiaomi’s business policy. If such a “Improve Yourself” program is introduced, it would be tested in India for the first time and perhaps extended to other markets.

Apple’s recently announced program could be the model.

Xiaomi lacks its ideas and innovation, but they often draw from other vendors as well, so it’s not impossible to follow Apple’s example in renewing their device repair philosophy. For them, it would be a considerable prestige. It would give us users more freedom and more opportunities to repair our devices, not to mention reducing the amount of electronic waste that the planet would thank us for.

We are looking forward to the developments. Whatever Xiaomi is up to, it could make life easier for users based on the current announcement, though only in India for now.

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