Xiaomi sold the most wearable smartwatch in recent times

In addition to smartphones, various wearable gadgets, i.e., smartwatches and smart bracelets, are becoming increasingly popular. Still, interestingly here, manufacturers’ order is different since Xiaomi and Apple sell most of these devices.

According to the latest second-quarter data, Xiaomi leads the market with a 19.6% share, representing 8 million assets sold. Most of this is undoubtedly Mi Band 6, which is a huge success, but the cheaper Redmi Band (Mi Band 4C) and the company’s smartwatches can also run out.

Apple is in second place with a 19.3% share, which is a nice result because the apple maker’s gadgets don’t exactly represent the cheap category. During that period, 7.9 million Apple Watches were delivered.

After the two big manufacturers, Huawei is slightly behind but still holding on to third place with a 9.2% share. However, the decline of the Chinese company is already visible here, with sales falling by roughly 54% in a year.

Fitbit came in fourth with 7.3%, and Samsung is currently in fifth place, accounting for 6.1% of wearable gadgets sold.

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