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You may now place an order for the best Linux phone.

According to the manufacturer, the successor to the specialized smartphone, PinePhone Pro, which launched at the end of 2019, can be pre-ordered and has appropriately been tweaked.

The PinePhone Pro, not a second-generation PinePhone, but a higher-end PinePhone, is the successor to the Linux smartphone (PinePhone) that debuted two years ago manufacturer, Pine64. It is a quick and premium phone with serious performance. It was strengthened as a result of improvements.

The Rockchip RK2299S chip is used in the PinePhone Pro Knowledge Center. This 1.5 GHz chip is a tweaked version of the PineBook Pro’s chipset. There’s also 4GB of RAM and 128GB of native memory, and actual hardware privacy switches. The back camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels. Improved performance allows for faster surfing, HD movie viewing, and even simple image editing.

The PinePhone Pro is slightly larger (160.8 x 76.6 x 11.1 mm) than the original PinePhone (160.5 mm x 76.6 mm x 9.2 mm). However, it is backward compatible with PinePhone case additions, such as the future physical keyboard. The device will set you back $400.

Of course, this version is primarily geared at operating system engineers and others who brazenly intervene in hardware rather than end-users. The latter will have to wait longer for PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition if they want PinePhone Pro. Pre-orders for this product will be available soon.


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