Apple is postponing the introduction of a presentable Driver’s license for the iPhone

The apple company will allow you to store your legal and ID card in the Wallet app – but only from 2022 and for the first time in eight U.S. states.

Slightly later than planned, Apple will not introduce the digital license and ID card, which can be stored the same way, until 2022, the BBC wrote. It is not known precisely when the debut could take place.

For the first time in September, Apple released official details about the rights and identity presented from the Wallet app. It was also emphasized that the documents would have to be scanned the same way as bank cards.

The U.S. Transportation Safety Authority had already indicated that digital personnel would be accepted at specific airports. It was also revealed that the novelty was planned to be introduced in eight U.S. states. However, the work could not go as well as Apple had hoped, and that may have something to do with the postponement that has just been revealed.

Although the company has not confirmed this, taxpayers are said to incur extra costs if they start using the development.

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