YouTube to remove number of dislikes on a video

Since March, YouTube has been testing the impact on videos and content producers of seeing Dislikes only for creators. The feedback was so positive that the company decided to introduce it.

YouTube has made an important decision: the company has announced that it will remove the number of dislikes from the videos from November 10th. According to the company, the change is intended to prevent minor creators from being subjected to any form of harassment or psychological abuse. Many people use the Dislike button to embarrass others, and the reaction has nothing to do with that content.

The company noted that the button will still be visible and pressed, but only the creators can see how many such reactions have been received on a video.

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The move is not entirely unexpected, and the company announced back in March that it was working on a better place for video sharing. As part of this, the possibility of taking down the number of dislikes also came up, but the company was still testing this possibility. However, there were indications that the feedback was positive, so they introduced this solution to everyone. True, only gradually, so we may still encounter the counter for a while.

According to YouTube, when they tested to eliminate the number of dislikes, they found that people pressed it less often to offend the creator. According to the company, the comment “I just came to dislike” alone is likely to make a person less satisfied if they don’t see the specific result of pressing the button.

And of course, there’s another benefit to this: because of the minor dislike, YouTube’s ranking algorithm won’t see a single video that needs to be shown less to others.

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