Google introduces endless scrolling in the mobile search

We now have endless scrolling

Google is constantly working to improve its search engine, and not only is the algorithm being honed, but the interface is also changing frequently. The mobile appearance of search results has just changed, and now the company has announced another change.

Over the years, users have become accustomed to organizing their results into Google search pages, typically displaying ten organic results at a time (+ ads). If we can’t find the right one among them, we can move on to the next page. On mobile, it has been a little different for a while now, and there is a “More” button at the bottom of the hit list that you can click to load the next ten hits. And now an improvement has been announced by Google, called “endless scrolling,” which means that when you get to the bottom of the page, more search results automatically appear so that you can browse many more results at once.

Otherwise, social networking sites work; similarly, this Facebook or Instagram feed never ends, forcing users to spend more time browsing posts.

Google argues that this endless scrolling in the search engine will be good because it will give users more ideas and inspiration, and is not a side issue so that they can place more ads in the results.


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