7 Best Reverse Image Search Apps for iPhone

Why do I need a reverse image search app for iPhone to use Google for this task? Well, the Google Reverse Image Search tool works perfectly on a desktop or laptop computer running Windows, macOS or Linux.

However, full functionality is not yet available in mobile browsers. For example, Google does not support uploading images to mobile phones. You can’t even think about using Safari because Apple doesn’t help reverse image search in the browser.

Fortunately, some free iOS apps are capable of reverse image search. Here are some reverse search apps for the iPhone that can be downloaded from the AppStore.

Editor’s Note: You want to know more about reverse image search. See this article in the Reverse Image Search Guide for a detailed picture.

1. Reverse image search application

Reverse Image Viewer for iPhone lets you upload photos directly from photos on iPhone. Alternatively, you can upload a live image. Before uploading the image, you can crop or rotate the images. By default, this image search application uses Google’s search engine to find the source of the image or similar images. Instead of Google, you can set Bing or Yandex to perform reverse image search as a search engine.

Download: iTunes

2. Return

For image search, you can upload photos directly from your phone with the free version of the Reversee iOS app to get reverse image search results from Google. However, this image search application does not support other search engines such as Bing and Yandex. To do this, you need to upgrade to the Pro version ($ 3.99). In addition to other search engines, the pro version allows you to crop or adjust the size/resolution of your images.

Download: iTunes

3. Photo Sherlock Search by image

Photo Sherlock allows you to perform a reverse search using Google or Yandex. By default, the uploaded image matches the results of Google’s Reverse Image Search tool. If necessary, try using the Yandex search engine. The application allows you to crop images before uploading.

Download: iTunes

4. CamFind

You can use CamFind to set the location of search results, which is helpful if you are trying to identify a nearby location from which you can purchase the product in the image. For images that contain objects, the application also lists the places where they can be purchased. Like other reverse image search applications, CamFind allows you to upload images directly from the camera or photos to your iPhone.

Download: iTunes

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5. Google Lens

Google Lens is not available as a standalone application on iOS. Instead, it incorporates the lens features of the Google app itself (the lens icon can be found in the search bar). Google Lens not only sees the origin of the image but also shows you where we can buy it if the image is a product. Google Lens is more ideal for finding the origin of images associated with a product. To use Lens, you need to download the Google app from the App Store.

Download: iTunes

6. Reliability

Authenticity allows you to upload images directly from your camera, Photos, or Dropbox. And it helps you find out if the image is copied elsewhere on the web. If you are looking for an app to detect fake photos on social media profiles, Veracity will be a good choice.

Download: iTunes

7. TinEye

Although TinEye does not have a dedicated iOS application, it is a mobile-friendly, reverse search engine that can explore the origin of an image. You can upload the image from your phone or enter the image URL. TinEye offers an alert service (paid) to companies or individuals who want to be notified when their photos appear elsewhere on the Internet. The good thing about TinEye is that it doesn’t store uploaded images on its servers. To use the search engine, launch //tineye.com/ in Safari or your preferred browser. For PC users, this is available as an extension in the Chrome Store.

Google Reverse Image Search az iPhone-on

Someone who would insist on Google doing a reverse image search on the iPhone at any cost? No problem. There is a small solution to this. Authenticity allows you to upload images directly from your camera, Photos, or Dropbox. And it helps you find out if the image is copied elsewhere on the web. If you are looking for an app to detect fake photos on social media profiles, Veracity will be a good choice.

  1. Tap the Safari item and navigate to images.google.com page.
  2. Then tap the icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Then tap Request a desktop job in the Bottom row.

You are now in the desktop version of Google and can upload images or paste URLs into your computer. However, this option is not user-friendly because the size of the text and icons is reduced by almost half when you request a desktop version of a website.

Bing Reverse Image Search on iPhone

You can use Bing very well to perform a reverse image search from your iPhone as it allows you to upload images. Or navigate the bing.com/images page in the Safari program or, if necessary, download the Bing app for iOS.

We hope you should have been familiar with the various options you can use to perform a reverse image search on your iPhone. Although bloggers and companies widely use this technique, normal users can identify fake social media profiles. Or, you can use any of the options listed in this post if you’re curious to find similar images for a scenic or other photo you’ve captured on your iPhone.

Have you ever used any device to perform a reverse image search on your iPhone? Which reverse image search tool is your favourite?

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