How will the upcoming iPhone 13 look like?

If all goes well, Apple will introduce its new phones this fall. The new iPhones have already revealed that the sensor island at the top of their screens is likely to be smaller, but some more rumours have come to light.

The Android Police mobile professional writer Max Weinbach received a tip that one of Apple’s future direction affecting the sound quality, the new iPhone’s microphones, will be better than today is filtering ambient noise.

According to Weinbach’s sources, the company does not touch on the design world of the devices, except for the back camera, which may change its shape, but the degree of protrusion will undoubtedly be more minor.

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It’s a trifle that Apple’s designers, who are also thinking about releasing an orange version for the Pro models, can choose a darker tone for the grey iPhone. And the side edges of the devices are less attractive to fingerprints than current-generation models.

Optical image stabilization behind the cameras of new iPhones will be better, and there can also be a good variety of subject-following autofocus. They also optimize the portrait mode. And with the development of the cameras’ depth-sensing Lidar sensor, the appearance of virtual elements of augmented reality can be better matched to objects in the physical world.

Weinbach knows that despite the sales problems of the iPhone 12 mini, the new series will not miss the size and will be iPhone 13 mini. And if you’ve got a cheaper iPhone: another rumour has it that iPhone SE Plus could come this year.

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