What is Apple waiting for with a foldable iPhone?

Although there are several projects that Apple is rumored to be working on, without a doubt, the most anticipated and, potentially, the one with the most potential customers in the market is a folding iPhone.

However, other projects, such as the expected Apple Car or, closer in time, the augmented reality and virtual reality viewers, sound exciting. Still, it all works out when we pause to think about it when it comes down to it. People are more willing to pay for a foldable iPhone than a high-priced automobile (a priori).

While we can see how other manufacturers respond in this regard, with Samsung leading the way, Apple stays primarily unnoticed. Although there have been numerous leaks concerning the alleged advancements in the folding iPhone, there is currently no certainty.

While some reports claim it will arrive sooner rather than later, others promote it as a long-term strategy. Some talk about a design similar to the Fold3, while others talk about a design identical to the Flip3; however, nothing is inevitable now. Not even if it will ever come to pass.

As a result, any rumor or leak in this area should be treated with a little more mistrust than we generally do with this kind of communication. However, there are several intriguing things worth considering to learn more about what Apple is working on and when we may expect it to arrive.

In this regard, an Apple analyst was consulted. On Twitter, Dylandkt has posted various statements. He explains what Apple’s present status is regarding the foldable iPhone. We can assume from his remarks that the wait may be related and that the project, which is currently underway, may be terminated if the company is unclear about it, which, on the other hand, would be the cause for our continued wait.

Apple would have conducted different technological checks based on this knowledge. Cupertino’s reservations have little to do with technology, which they most likely believe in. Apple’s lack of faith in the foldable smartphone market is the foldable iPhone’s underlying reason for the “delay” (I use quotation marks because there has never been a stated date for its launch).

If this is proven, and if it is accurate, I must admit that it surprised me. It appears that Apple is taking a very cautious stance. Of course, we’re not implying that I don’t comprehend. As a firm that owes its shareholders money, taking a risky step like this, especially after the iPhone 12 Mini’s sales disaster, is not a sage move. Taking chances with a device like the foldable iPhone could be insanity in this climate.

However, we must not lose sight of the reality of discussing Apple. This corporation has always sought to differentiate itself by being inventive, as evidenced by the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, not to mention its classics such as the Apple 1 and the original Macintosh from 1984. The foldable iPhone would be a step forward in this direction, and the reason for the delay, in this case, should be the quest for an inventive solution, not the adoption of a conservative profile in this respect.

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