Google Parodies Jony Ive in its latest Google Pixel 5a 5G Video

Google has released a recent video for the recently released Pixel 5a, highlighting one feature: the headphone jack.

The video below is about the Pixel 5a having the jack connector, but Google is deliberately over-characterizing it and presenting the circular opening as revolutionary. It’s no coincidence that the video is a parody, mimicking Apple’s legendary designer Jony Ive and previous Apple shows.

The Pixel 5a, by the way, looks like an excellent deal, and not just because of the headphone jack. It also offers a relatively compact OLED display, IP67 water resistance, and a sizable battery and is cheaper than its predecessor at $449.

By the way, the high-end Pixel 6 mobiles will no longer have a jack connector, which makes such a video look a little weird, but you don’t have to take it that seriously.

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