iPhone users aren’t really interested in a foldable iPhone

After last year’s cautious introduction, this year’s hit products could be foldable phones. More and more manufacturers are coming up with such a device, and soon Apple may be among them. And yet, for the time being, this type of device doesn’t make iPhones too feverish.

Experts say Apple may come up with a foldable phone next year or 2023 at the latest – as in several cases so far, it is now patiently waiting and watching from the edge of the track for possible device weaknesses, so its device can avoid them.

Since he only has “one” iPhone, he can’t risk a potentially failed phone. The situation is different for Samsung, which has been there to develop collapsible devices and is currently considered an absolute leader in this segment.

After that, one might think that iPhone users are already very much looking forward to the foldable Apple phone. However, surveys show otherwise. According to a U.S. polling agency YouGov study, current iPhones aren’t necessarily interested in the foldable design, and they’re happy with the present form factor.

But let’s look at all this in the language of numbers. About half of U.S. users would choose this type of phone as their next device. Sixteen percent said they were very interested in the thing, while 34 percent were “somewhat interested.

Consumers using LG and Samsung smartphones are currently more interested in foldable phones than iPhones: 59 percent of LG users are interested in the novelty, 52 percent of Samsung users, but only 47 percent of iPhones gold.

What’s more, 26 percent are not at all interested in foldable phones, and 22 percent are not very interested. Only 13 percent said they were seriously excited about the novelty. Despite Samsung’s leadership in this sector, 22 percent of Samsung users, or nearly a quarter, are not at all interested in collapsible devices, and only 15 percent said they want one.

While there may be some explanation for Samsung owners for the still very high price of bendable devices, this argument is less valid for iPhones, as they have to reach deep into their wallets for Apple devices anyway. However, the situation may change after Samsung launches cheaper collapsible models this year.

Half of the respondents explained why they were not interested in folding phones because they were worried about the damaged device, 43 percent said it was just a fad, and 37 percent resented the high price.

Fifteen percent said their favorite brand didn’t have a foldable phone yet. Indeed, the iPhone could have been in the majority here.

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