A big change is coming to Facebook, banning ads based on political views

The change applies to all services in the Meta Empire, including religious affiliation.

Starting next January 19, it will no longer be possible to post targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram based on user-sensitive features, Axios wrote. According to the portal, it was classified as such.

political, ethnic, sexual orientation, same-sex marriage, and content related to the Catholic Church.

The Axios emphasized that the change is not based on the individual’s characteristics but on those who engaged in social media. Thus, the phenomenon of targeted advertising will no longer disappear on the site.

Meta – the parent company behind Facebook and Instagram – explained the change so that advertisers can less manipulate users. However, critics (especially interest groups) see that this could dramatically reduce the number of positive messages.

The ban applies to all services in the Meta Empire, including WhatsApp.

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