Less political content on Facebook

Best to keep politics outside of Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is changing the algorithm that defines the service, influencing what goes before the user’s eyes when it opens up to Facebook.

According to Facebook, the audience was so positive about its attempts at political content that it decided to change the algorithm that largely defines the service’s news feed in other areas.

According to Axios, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has reduced the amount of political content spilling into News Feed in some markets based on user feedback, with far fewer appearing before Facebook users. The system was launched as an experiment and was only available in a few places, including the United States, but is now being rolled out elsewhere:

according to the paper, this time they are trying out the novelty in Costa Rica, Sweden, Spain and Ireland.

According to Axios, Facebook accounts for about 6 percent of political posts, but even that is considered too much by some user bases. Facebook has begun experimenting in response while also making it easier for them to do their own thing: the company has been criticized for giving way to political lies because they are not deleted.

Facebook also changes how content is displayed to the user. The shares and comments also helped the latter, but the company decided that they would now matter less and that the nature of the post would matter in the first place.

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