Telegram says goodbye to 2021 introducing a lot of news

There is a new update of Telegram, and as usual, it is loaded with news of different levels. Although summarizing the suits, we could say that they focus on the control of the user, group, channel publications, and access management, among others.

The new Telegram update arrived a few days ago for the mobile and desktop applications of the messaging service. We could not let it escape because it is interesting in more ways than one … starting with content creators, a sector that Telegram has been doing quite a case lately and whose presence on the platform reinforces with the launch at hand.

From being a mere messaging application, Telegram has been mutating over time into something more complete, with a vital component of a productivity tool for workgroups, but also as a social platform thanks to groups, channels, and the type of content that makes it easy to produce, see podcast, video and direct. One of its main novelties is aimed at this audience.

“Group and channel owners who want to keep their content available only to members can restrict the forwarding of messages from their chat, which also prevents screenshots and limits the ability to save the multimedia of the publications,” they explain in the official announcement. It is undoubtedly a change – optional, yes – that can annoy and generate confidence.

Channel administrators will also be able to respond in the comments of their publications as the channel itself, with their name and avatar, and not as the user who manages it, thus improving privacy in certain situations, for example, in public channels.

Other new features of this release include the ability to delete messages from any chat by users on specific dates, be it a day or a particular period; a new button to link a desktop device quickly from the mobile app and an option to automatically log out of passive devices, with the addition of allowing or not allowing a device to accept calls or new secret chats.

This new version of Telegram also introduces new ways to start a session with a call from the application itself, receive responses to requests to join groups with context information, improvements to recently released global chat themes, and some exclusive extras for iOS because Android I already had them: text recognition in iOS 13 and above, new text formatting options in multimedia comments, and redesigned contact information.

In short, a Telegram update is almost to use, which usually means news. And you, are you a Telegram user … and you still don’t follow  Fbhtechinfo on Telegram? Well, too bad … (we promise not to restrict the forwarding of messages, you can share what we publish with whoever you want!).

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