An emergency update has been released for Chrome to install immediately

Chrome users are actively being attacked

They are actively attacking Chrome browser users. Google has made a bug fix that patches these vulnerabilities, but it is up to everyone to install them.

Seven vulnerabilities are patched by a software update now released for Chrome on PC, two of which are actively exploited by other cybercriminals attacking users. Therefore, as this is not a theoretical but a particular threat, experts recommend that you install this update immediately.

Like all software updates, this version does not reach everyone immediately and at once. You can check your availability or initiate an update manually by clicking the »Contact» icon in the menu that opens after pressing the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the desktop browser.

The new version will only be installed if the user restarts their browser as the last step in the installation.

The latest, most secure release of Chrome is version 95.0.4638.54. Whoever sees this posted has nothing more to do.

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