A new feature comes to Chrome: A surprise awaits you when you open a new tab

Google is increasingly incorporating other services into its Chrome browser.

According to the search giant, Google integrates more and more features into Chrome’s “New Tab” for good visibility and usefulness. They’re still experimenting with combining another feature, Chrome Story noticed.

This time, the new tab would be joined by Google Photos Memories, the part of Google’s cloud-based service that sorts and organizes images based on events and dates.

This so-called NTP Photo Module is also hidden under a flag in Chrome Canary, the developer version of the browser. When Google moves from here to the public Chrome, the browser will automatically retrieve a photo around the old one when a new tab opens.

Since Chrome’s new tab is always in mind, integrating Chrome and Photos can be a great way to get a little nostalgic while browsing. At the same time, you can demonstrate Google’s intention to make the browser a kind of gateway to another’s services. The question, of course, is what the regulators will say about this.

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