A newer version of Skyrim arrives, setting a record for Bethesda

10 years

Drumbeat! In November this year, Skyrim will be one of the most successful Bethesda titles of all time, 10 years old. To celebrate this, a festive edition will be released, which will likely be dubbed the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and will be available for purchase on PC, Xbox and PlayStation from November 11th. The date is no coincidence, the popular fantasy RPG was released on November 11th exactly 10 years ago. Bethesda’s RPG, by the way, overtook Resident Evil 4. By now, Skyrim is the most re-released game with its 12 hardware, while Capcom’s horror has appeared on 11 hardware.

And what will be included in the festive Anniversary Edition? First, it will include the 2016 Skyrim Special Edition and a bunch of new content, to be exact, more than 500 Creation Club items. The CC includes all the mods that Bethesda officially blesses, however, these can usually be purchased with credits. The mod can be anything: missions, dungeons, weapons, bosses and spells alike.


Skyrim Special Edition owners can upgrade to the Anniversary Edition, though Bethesda hasn’t yet revealed how much the upgrade will cost. However, nextgen updates for the Special and Anniversary versions will all be free, as will the new fishing feature available to everyone.

The anniversary of Skyrim will be crowned by a gala concert on 11 November at the Alexandra Palace Theater in London. The music for the game is performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices Choir. You will also be able to watch the concert on Twitch and YouTube.

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition was unveiled at this year’s QuakeCon. It was a big surprise yesterday that an updated version of the iconic Quake has already been released, which can also be purchased on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Bethesda has promised that the next update to Quake will arrive soon.

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