Maker of God of War says PlayStation is about to make an announcement that will blow our minds

It’s time for some smashing announcements on the PlayStation 5 front if horizon forbidden west, and the next part of God of War has been postponed until 2022.

There’s more than a good chance of that, as the PlayStation Showcase is coming up on Thursday this week- a 40-minute show that will focus on PS5 games, among others, which are due to premiere shortly. David Jaffe, director of God of War (2005) and God of War 2 (2007), said in a video (below) and on Twitter that it would be (not only) a huge hit that would take it all in.

Jaffe couldn’t stand himself, telling the world on social media: ‘Here’s a completely useless post, but if I don’t say something, I’ll explode instantly!!! So I just found out that a new PlayStation game is being created that I have no idea when it will be unveiled (maybe next week, maybe not), but if they do, people will be able to get their brains out! It’s tough!”

The first God of War creator is known to be an insider. After all, he worked for Sony himself and has live connections to the in-house studios. The video also revealed that he already knows about the PlayStation Showcase, if not everything.

This way, you can confirm that you won’t be disappointed if you’re expecting traditional PlayStation-exclusive games that are in-house. David Jaffe has made it clear that he hasn’t seen the material himself, he knows what the big guns will be, and he’s looking forward to how the fans will react.

Jaffe didn’t want to go into specifics, so he didn’t confirm or refute whether they were showing anything from the new God of War. However, he said he knew that this would be an even longer game than 20:18:40 hours of content will provide complex entertainment.

The PlayStation Showcase will be held on September 9th at 10:00 p.m, and various panel discussions will follow the 40-minute presentation. It’s been said that (one) big hit will be inFAMOUS 3, a sequel to the superhero series of Ghost of Tsushima developers.

Rumor has it that metal gear solid’s remake, the new Silent Hill game, the revamped and PC version of Bloodborne, a Resistance announcement, and an Uncharted package for PC will be among showcase’s big attractions. What’s not going to happen at the event? The new PSVR certainly isn’t, and Sony has already stated.

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