Alienware Introduces Concept Nyx, a Game Relay Server on Your Local Network

Just a couple of days before the official start of CES 2022, we have seen how some companies have begun to advance their entire line of announcements for this year, with various products from Samsung or Dell, who, through their Alienware gaming brand, presents us with a new concept of game broadcasting service with which we can move and continue our games between different platforms.

The basic idea behind the so-called “Concept Nyx” by Alienware is none other than creating a server powerful enough to run and broadcast all our games within our home network, thus being able to open them from any of the compatible intelligent devices within this network, such as televisions, mobiles or computers.

Given the incredible popularity of this streaming service for games such as Stadia or Xbox, which PlayStation would soon join, Alienware could have found an attractive solution for those households where multiple players live together. And it is that as they showed during a recent demonstration in New York, in which some international media such as Engadget were able to participate, this platform seems to be able to run at least up to two games simultaneously.

Although it does not seem like a remarkable feat for an online service, it changes notably when we talk about playing both juices on the same device. However, as detailed by the American media, unfortunately, these games were running in relatively small windows, significantly damaging the experience. However, it is undoubtedly a rather unusual scenario.

On the other hand, it should be noted that since all rendering and processing will be done directly over our home network, Concept Nyx will offer a lower latency experience than current cloud gaming services, which are based on hundreds of servers miles away.

However, it should be noted that at the moment, it is only a concept, so even though it already has a platform for demonstrations, we still do not know its development status or even if the company will finish completing a superior product. Alienware has wanted to maintain great secrecy about how the Concept Nyx servers are powered, so they could still be trying to solve some of the main points.

Finally, we cannot mention that these Concept Nyx promotional images show us the Alienware Concept UFO controller, a portable PC similar to the Nintendo Switch, and the Steam Deck that was presented for the first time ago. Two years, and that, unfortunately, still has not been given.

In this way, two possible futures are presented: either Concept Nyx could end up taking the same path and end up as “what could have been,” or we could be before the next joint presentation of two exciting products for the gaming scene.

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