Are you using Messenger? Your messages will not be safe for a while

Facebook is already working to incorporate end-to-end encryption into Messenger and Instagram messaging, but that certainly won’t happen before 2022.

Users who use a service that uses end-to-end encryption can chat with their friends much more calmly. The essence is that the message exchange between the parties can only be read on the two endpoint devices: the message itself passes through the encrypted channel.

The key needed to decrypt it is on the receiving party’s machine. As a result, cybercriminals cannot read the content of the chat. Needless to say, how useful this is when we need to send sensitive data to another.

Facebook’s primary Messenger, Messenger, and the messaging feature built into Instagram are unfortunately not among the services that would use this encryption technology. And they don’t seem to be going for a while yet.

Facebook announced in a blog post that although improvements in this direction are underway, the company will certainly not introduce it sooner than 2022. As they write, this is seen as a long-term project.

However, the company noted that improvements have already been made to ensure users’ messages. Such is the vanish mode, which has been introduced in Messenger and Instagram, the essence of which is that messages are deleted after reading or closing the conversation. True, this is nowhere near end-to-end encryption, as cybercriminals can read into it.

If you want your messages to be more secure, you can choose WhatsApp, for example, but Sigal also offers such a solution.

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