Full Tutorial: How to fix League of Legends freezing and crashing

Today, video games dominate how kids, teens, and adults are entertained. In addition to using it for fun, they also use it to learn, attracting more daily users. With the aid of the monitor hardware, you will now be able to integrate it into computers or controllers.

They are also employed as downloadable applications or programs. One of these is the LOL app, although they could also have issues like the platform shutting down on its own, crashing in the middle of a match, League of Legends freezing up every second, or other issues that have an impact on your game.

But if this is the case for you, you shouldn’t worry too much because there is a straightforward fix. You must continue reading this text to learn what you can do, as we will do so simply there.

For instance, if you’re wondering how to solve the League of Legends freezes screen error, look no further because we’ll show you how in this article. To learn how to resolve this issue that prevents normal gameplay, read the following instructions.

Causes of LOL crashing during a game

There are numerous reasons why the LOL screen freezes every second, and it is a problem that occurs more frequently than you might imagine. Similar issues could arise with other PC or computer games, preventing you from using them because they interfere with your hard drive, hardware, RAM, and drivers.

These will exhibit the same symptoms, including self-closing and second-by-second hanging in the middle of the game. Following that, we list the three most frequent causes of this issue so you can fix League of Legends freezing.

1. Hard Drive

Your device might be too congested or have slow read and write speeds by game standards, for example. In this scenario, we advise you to check the available space; if that’s not the issue, look into replacing the HDD with an SSD.

2. Low RAM

Another reason could be that your computer is running out of room. Over time, games and programs evolve and gradually increase their RAM requirements. We advise you to add anything more if there are places on your computer or laptop to do so.

Deleting anything you no longer deem required is another technique to free this up so that you may access your platform more easily and without interruption. They could be folders, documents, music, images, or other files.

3. Client Game

If you are confident that the issue is not with your RAM or hard drive, we advise you to reinstall the LOL to be able to fix the issue with your game. Similarly, it may be caused by an incorrect installation of the platform or some update.

How to Fix League of Legends freezing

The League of Legends game can freeze for various reasons, but numerous potential fixes exist. Given this, study the information below to discover the real solutions to this issue.

1. Uninstall and Reinstall

The inability of the screen to freeze can frequently be attributed to file issues. A virus, a power outage, or an issue when writing to the League of Legends files could be the root of the issue.

It may be worth your while to uninstall League of Legends and reinstall it if you see errors like that. In light of this, delete the LOL from the Windows wizard before downloading and correctly installing the Launcher. This will usually correct the problem, but there are other options. Don’t worry if the issue persists; there are solutions to fix the LOL screen freezing.

2. Temperature

It won’t hurt to check the level of the machine if you are using an old computer or laptop. The truth is that issues with device temperature can be dangerous and result in screen freezes.

Given this, installing applications like MSI Afterburner or Open Hardware Monitor—the latter can be downloaded from the company’s official website—is recommended. You can enter, control your app with an internet connection, and download an antivirus program to prevent future issues. Similar to that, if you have it on your computer or PC, you may do this with any device.

Play around with the tool while studying the values. If you notice temperatures above 85% of the normal range, take steps to fix the problem. It is advisable to change the thermal paste on the CPU because it deteriorates over time.

3. Analyze Background Programs

In addition to those mentioned above, some apps can be problematic and result in errors like League of Legends’ game screen freezing. It is wise to review your computer’s auto-start programs as a result. To ensure that nothing terrible happens to you in the future, you must close or even delete any of these that have issues.

4. Update Drivers

It is usually a good idea to update these because they can conflict with new game updates, leading to the issue of your game’s frozen screen by identifying outdated drivers.

We can use the task manager and navigate to the “Start” area to carry out this step. There, scan the programs and disable any that you deem suspicious or unnecessary. If this is the issue, turning some off will free up memory and enhance performance.

5. Use Cleanup Programs

It is highly advised to use cleaning applications like CCleaner to enhance PC speed and resolve issues. Applications of this type can always clean our computers, which is something that was very nicely expressed.

There are several computer cleaning apps, but we suggest using this one because it has so many more possibilities. Keep in mind that CCleaner has sophisticated configuration options that allow for more thorough system cleaning.

Similar to this, out-of-date game drivers can also be a problem. Update the drivers for your graphics card and the rest of your system because an outdated driver can lead to issues with programs like LOL. If they have access to the internet, these actions may be offered; otherwise, it is uncertain how to prepare them. Depending on the network you are joining, the speed will vary.

What to do if LOL crashes in the middle of a game?

You can try closing the platform and erasing your gaming history if it unexpectedly shuts down for you. Another option is to restart the phone fast, although doing so might delete the data you have on it and stop it from closing automatically every second.

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